Seventy-six percent of the Haitian population is malnourished. By working with Trees That Feed Foundation—a non-profit committed to planting trees to feed people, provide jobs and benefit the environment—thousands of trees have been sent to Haiti. Recent attention has been focused on the production of gluten-free breadfruit flour. This nutritious flour, produced on-island, is not only a more economic alternative to expensive, imported wheat flour, but it’s also helping feed Haiti’s youth. Over 1,000 schoolchildren, who would otherwise go hungry, are being fed two meals a day of breadfruit porridge. With demand for breadfruit flour increasing in the EU and USA, Haiti is helping develop the global export market. In addition to economic opportunity, breadfruit trees promote sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, food security and reforestation in this beautiful island nation in desperate need of this exact type of agricultural breakthrough.

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